Short Sharp Tiger Air Rifle

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carefully before buying, beware counterfeit goods


  1. Made in Indonesia-Japan Licensing USA
  2. No.678.511 Japan patent, U.S. Patent No.4.163.439.
  3. Registered at the justice department RI Directorate General of Copyright, Patent and Trademark No. 173265, 330039, 256692.436972
  4. Loading pelets of aluminum materials making it more resistant to pressure
  5. Buttstock from high quality ABS material that is waterproof does not inflate, anti-burst and equipped to establish a handle carving
  6. Sharp Innova (Local artificial Manufacturing)
  7. Model air rifle pump
  8. Best Quality & Finishing Rapih
  9. Cal.4 shot, 5mm / 177
  10. Strength: s / d 1000 fps
  11. Pump: 1 to 15 times
  12. Barrel made of soft steel or threaded kuningan12
  13. Tube of brass or iron in bronir
  14. High-accuracy rifles
  15. It has a rubber retaining shoulder
  16. It has a trigger protective
  17. It has a serial number of production code
  18. Indonesia Product "license japan"
  19. Barrel length 50 cm
  20. Accessories sold separately
  21. International Test Airgun

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