Sharp Tiger Long Barrel Air Rifle

Sharp Sharp Tiger is a refinement of the Innova, a great gun for you that emphasizes endurance and accuracy of the gun


  1. Made in Indonesia-Japan Licensing USA
  2. Us Patent licenses manufactured N0.4.163.439, Japan Patent No.678.511
  3. Registered at the justice department RI Directorate General of Copyright, Patent and Trademark No. 173265, 330039, 256692.436972
  4. Smooth steel barrel of 12 strands better ensure the accuracy and durable
  5. Ornate front butt grip, so as not slippery and made longer to facilitate the pumping
  6. Integrated trigger a protective order to avoid accidents and facilitate their use
  7. Light Trigger designed for the release of more targeted shots
  8. Deluxe butts are made of mahogany 6cm thick, and is carved with high dedication
  9. Rubber retaining shoulder function stabilize shots and not slippery when standing
  10. Already equipped monting silincer / silencer

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